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A true gift from mother nature 
"The Fountain of Youth"

CoR is a novel and revolutionary key for anti-aging closer than ever. It has the extraordinary ability of renewal ATP-energy to living cells by assisting mitochondrial function at an Intracellular level. 


US patent No: 11273135

What is Cor2cell?

Cor2cell is a new brand of dietary supplements based on our novel invention. It helps accelerating the food we eat into more energy for regenerating living cells. 

  • So, cells can acquire high lever energy to support us to have a healthy life.

  • Because of those excess fat, carbs & amino, they are also called free radicals, that can cause aging related problems such as: high-level sugar, gain weight, heart, vessel, energy, sexual dysfunction, dementia etc...

Introducing the energy maintenance

theory of aging

  • We are aging because we do not get proper energy currency to support body organs function anymore. Cell is the basis of life form. And energy plays the major key role in cell for a good quality of healthy life.   

  • CoR dietary supplements potential optimize & restore cell   functions that were lost due to the effects of natural aging, environment factors, or unknown reasons.

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      The Energy Maintenance Theory of Aging

      Understanding ATP

ATP - energy currency

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