Recommended Use: 

Adults take two (2) tablets with a meal and water, (3) times daily. 

Keep our of the reach of chldren. 

If you are pregnant, nursing. or having any medical conditions or taking any medications, consult your doctors before taking this capletes.

Store product at a cool and dry place after opening. Do not expose to excessive heat or moisture.



Cor2cell, a new brand dietary supplemnents, assist mitochondrial function by converting the food we eat into ATP-energy currency for living cells. Cells are totally based on  ATP for  their normal fuctions, ATP-energy supports our body's cells to perform better both physically and mentally. 

Because of mitochondrial dysfunction, we age because our body's cells don't get enough ATP energy to support their normal function. 

Cor2cell, renews and restores energy to living cells, potentially repairing the body's structure and function that had been lost due to theeffects of aging, disease, and genetic errors. 



Radish (Raphanus Sativus) (Seed) Extract (Standardized to Contain 7% CoR) ** 

CoR has demonstrated an extraordinarily amazing ability to enhance ATP (Ademosine 5'- triphosphate) production in a cell at the intracellular level. 


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